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Pooch sniffs out Cancer


We often hear of heroic dogs, who, in the face of danger, beat the odds in saving masters and members of the family, jumping into burning houses or diving into lakes, in an effort to rescue would-be victims of accidents.

For Lexie, a hero dog by her own right, no death defying feats came with how she saved Lisa Hillje from danger.
Pooch sniffs out Cancer
Lexie simply “sniffed out” a tumor growing in her master’s body.

A Basset Hound mix, Lexie noted something different going on on her master’s body, jumping up and down on Hillje’s chest telling Hillje that something was up. Hillje, who had undergone a test a few months back (with negative results for cancer), then noticed a lump right on the spot where Lexie had been jumping up and down on.

Hillje then headed out for a mammogram, which revealed that Hillje did have cancer. Detected early, doctors were able to administer the right treatment in controlling the spread of the condition, which has remained in remission.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Noticing some changes in Lexie’s day to day habits, Hillje found Lexie’s lack of appetite and constant thirst disturbing, which brought Lexie to the capable hands of a veterinarian. The trip to the vet revealed tumors in Lexie’s liver, with a diagnosis telling Hillje that Lexie only had about a month to live.

Hillje wouldn’t have any of that, so after a series of holistic treatments for Lexie, both Lexie and Hillje are doing well, with each bonded by a pact which can’t be said happens every day.

As heroic comes, Lexie and Hillje both played a role in being a hero for each other.

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