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The world’s first “cat video”, ever to be?


“Cat videos” are among the most watched type of content in tubesites, with countless cat owners posting videos of their felines doing catty things.

There’s Maru, “the king of internet cats”, whose consolidated video view rates has reached more than 150 million views, going as far as having one of the top ten most subscribed YouTube channels in Japan. And don’t forget about all the “epic fail” videos of cats, falling, stumbling, causing general destruction and mayhem in the living room, etc. Those videos are not in short supply online.
The world first cat video

With Maru’s video view figures and the popularity of “epic fail” cat videos, one can’t help but think about just how much the world loves cats, which says a lot about how cats play a vital role in the lives of millions of people.

But as popular as cats are, have you ever wondered what the first “cat video”, ever, was?

Gothamist is convinced it knows.

Entitled “The Sick Kitten”, a 1903 short video recently sparked attentions, with many convinced that the video is the first “cat video” to ever be. Directed by G.A. Smith, the video was shot without the use of a keyhole, something which fell along as part of the camera gear of the time.

The video used close-up shot techniques, with a little kitten as the video’s title player, and given the fact that no other video of its caliber was discovered to be earlier, “The Sick Kitten” is heralded to be the first “cat video”, ever, unofficially speaking.

Though we will still have to wait and see what the records and records keepers have to say on “The Sick Kitten’s” official first video of its kind standing, knowing that they shot videos of cats as early as 1903 is already something.
The world first cat video

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