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Reunited, after three months


The story of John Allen and Lady Marie is one for the books, a heart warming tale that is unique in its own telling.

After loosing everything he owned from a fire over the previous year, John Allen found solace in having Lady Marie, his dog. Though things did look bleak for the duo, companionship remained constant between the two of them, a constant positive which kept both of them going, even with all the troubles which had recently fallen upon them.

Reunited after three months
But that companionship was put at risk some three months ago.

While riding on their trailer-bicycle on Highway 61 in Mississippi, a passing car hit both Allen and Lady Marie in transit, with the automobile-trailer-bicycle impact hurling Allen into the middle of the road.

A medical team was quick to respond to the emergency, airlifting Allen to the nearest hospital, where his injuries were properly treated. Allen wouldn’t stop expressing concern over his dog, whilst receiving treatment, and as such, officials noted the possibility of an injured dog in pain in the area where the accident happened.

Coordinating with local shelters, the Tunica Animal Shelter managed to find and injured Lady Marie, limping not too far away from the accident’s location.

As this was going on Allen had succumbed into a coma, not knowing how Lady Marie was fairing out at the time.

Upon waking from coma, Allen’s first thought was where was Lady Marie, and after being showed photos of how Lady Marie was healing in the Tunica Animal Shelter, he was elated.

Three months after, after a period of healing for both Allen and Lady Marie, the two were reunited, bonded back together amidst a world of struggles which are understandable and known only to both.

Reunited after three months

Reunited after three months

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