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Officer Iemon, the furry Crime Fighter


We all know about Police Dogs, but what about Police Cats? Do they even exist at all?

Yes they do, and Officer Iemon, who works with Police Sergeant Yamada in Kyoto, Japan, is one of them.

After being rescued by Yamada’s wife since kittenhood, Iemon has become Police Sergeant Yamada’s beat partner, playing a vital role in fraud investigations. His role – being the “good” cop who reassures victims into relaxed calmed composures.
Officer Iemon
In Officer Iemon’s area, 30% of the population is composed of senior citizens who are often the victims of phone-based scams and fraudulent promotions. Sergeant Yamada, who handles most case investigations of the kind, would have to drop by victim’s homes and raise queries and such.

The process can be quite stressful for most seniors, so Yamada figured he could bring a “partner” with him, one which didn’t elicit fear, but comforted those he were interrogating/interviewing.

Iemon plays the role down to pat.

With his official custom police officer uniform, Iemon makes investigations easier, with seniors responding very well to Sergeant Yamada’s advice on safety and security, and even making the more relaxed and composed in discussing cases and happenings.

In fact, seniors are more eager to discuss incidents with Iemon around, which makes investigations go smoother with the right details and such.

Iemon may not be able to sniff out bombs or bear teeth which would halt a robber on the run in his tracks, but he certainly has his way in reassuring victims, which can’t be said as an easy thing to do, even for two-legged police officers.
Officer Iemon

Officer Iemon

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