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Golden Retrievers


The Golden Retriever takes on the proud title of being more than just a pet, a lifelong companion for masters and family members. With celebrity endorsers having one at one point in time, its position as a lifelong companion is backed by a varied rage of figureheads.

Gerald Ford was known to have one, named Liberty. Krypto, Superman’s dog, is revealed to be a Golden Retriever, a “testament” that speaks volumes about the Golden Retriever’s tenacity to be super.

If a loyal companion is what you are looking for in a dog, here’s a quick look over the specifics and particulars related to the care of Golden Retrievers.
Golden Retrievers – Well Composed, Cool, Calm and Collected

Gentle by nature, Golden Retrievers are great for households, though they were tagged as hunting dogs at one point in time.

Self-confident, intelligent and alert, they are medium sized dogs, blessed with the innate capacity for athletics and balanced movements. Stamina is also known to be innate in Golden Retrievers, and as such, exercise remains to be a must have when having them around.

Often tagged as one of the smartest dogs in any list, they are easy to train, and their patience towards children is quite famous. Their intelligence has pegged them as popular eye-seeing dogs, and as intelligent as they are, they know just when to be on guard against potential threats to those they care for.

In terms of feeding, Golden Retrievers aren’t all that fickle, agreeable to most healthy diets recommended by vets and professional dog breeders. Foods rich in protein are always good options, and matching them with foods rich in vitamins and minerals keeps Golden Retrievers healthy, quick and happy.

As loyal companions, Golden Retrievers successfully satisfy expectations, making them one of the most sought after dog breeds in the world.
 Golden Retrievers Pictures
Golden Retrievers Puppy image
Golden Retrievers Puppy Picture
Golden Retrievers Picture
Golden Retrievers image
Golden Retrievers Puppies Picture
Golden Retrievers Wallpaper
Golden Retrievers Wallpaper
Golden Retrievers Wallpaper
Golden Retrievers Wallpaper
Golden Retrievers Wallpaper
Golden Retrievers Wallpaper
Golden Retrievers Video

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