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The Richest Cats in the World


As most people dream about making their first million when they hit 30, many have come to learn that reaching that 1st million mark remains to be a huge challenge, with some barely making their first million at 60.

For some members of the feline genus though, their “first million” came about in the oldest way anyone in history has ever gotten rich: they inherited fortunes form their loving masters.

Here are five of the richest cats in the world, who’re more than lucky enough to just have nine lives.
 Blackie Cat
Blackie – famed for being the world’s richest cat, Blackie’s master, Ben Rhea, dedicated $15 million to different animal charities (cats-oriented mostly) after his death, with a chunk of that amount left for Blackie’s spending. Apart from the whooping 15 mil, what drew attention to Blackie’s inheritance was the fact that Rhea didn’t leave anything for his family and relatives.
 Cats of Christina Foyle
The Cats of Christina Foyle – once dubbed as the “bookshop queen”, Christina Foyle (popularly referred to as “Miss Foyle”) left the care of her nine cats to Maureen Harding, with $140,000 and a cottage for Harding and the cats to live in.

Matilda and Top Cat
Matilda and Top Cat – both Matilda and Top Cat were left with $20,000 in 2004, an inheritance which came from the cat’s master, a retired librarian. The $20,000 figure may not be as big compared to what Miss Foyle’s cats got, but given the fact that the master of Matilda and Top Cat lived “modestly” within her means, the $20,000 stands to be a fortune for two cats to receive.

Cats of Beryl Reid

The Cats of Beryl Reid – Beryl Reid left a cottage worth $1.8 to her five cats. A friend of Reid’s was commissioned to take care of the cats, along with maintaining the integrity of the inherited estate.

Red cat

Red – David Harper who died wealthy and a bachelor, left his estate to the tabby named Red, Harper’s cat, with the estate tagged to be worth $1.1 million. Red is set for life, living comfortably under the care of the United Church of Canada.

So there you have it! Five of the richest cats in the world, who were really really lucky to be under the care of truly loving masters.
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