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19 year old jumps over cliff to rescue a dog


How far would you go to rescue a dog?

Would you, in the case of a pooch trapped in a house that’s on fire, risk your life, barge in the house, map out the house’s layout, find the dog, grab it, then skip off to safety? Or would you, in the case of an earthquake evacuation, stall your chances of getting to safety just to ensure that your dog is with you?

dog  rescue
For 19 year old Luis Lopez, running into a burning house or finding a dog in the middle of an earthquake evacuation call are things which he has yet to do, given that he’s already done a feat which many can’t say they have – jumped over a cliff just to save a dog.

Reports from WNBC-TV tell about Lopez’s heroic rescue, who was just walking by his neighborhood in New Jersey when a woman calling for help got his attention.

After seeing what made the woman so upset, Lopez learned that the woman’s dog had accidentally fallen though a park’s guard rail, which was set up as a security measure from falling into a cliff.

Without any second thoughts, Lopez simply jumped down some 25 feet down into the cliff, finding the dog hanging on its leash which was stuck on a tree. After managing to get ahold of the dog, Lopez then carefully went back up, which was about the time when local firefighters arrived and helped him back up with safety harnesses and ropes.

Both Lopez and the dog sustained minor injuries from the incident, and are expected to easily recover from them.

The story kind of raises the whole “Good Samaritan” tale a lot, given that Lopez didn’t even know who the woman was, risking his safety to rescue a total stranger’s dog.

dog  rescue

dog  rescue

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