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Parakeet Finds His Own Way Home


Homing pigeons are famed for their homing instincts, utilized as SMS equivalents during the medieval times, carrying important pertinent messages to and fro.

Parakeets, however, aren’t exactly known for their capacity to find locations on GPS precision, but a Parakeet in Japan managed to find his own way home with the abilities known to his breed – the ability to talk.

After managing to fly out of his enclosure last Sunday, the parakeet was aimlessly flying around Sagamihara City, located west from the Japanese capital.  After flying around unknown whereabouts, the bird managed to land on the shoulder of a hotel guest, who in turn surrendered him to local police.
By Tuesday evening, the parakeet revealed pertinent information related to the address of his owner’s home, including the district and city name. Officers of the North Sagamihara Police Station, taking cues from the information revealed by the parakeet, then facilitated his safe return home.

Often kept as pets, parakeets are among the most popular options for pet birds, known for their generally laid back temperaments and their gabby entertaining ability to talk. As a bird, parakeets aren’t exactly a breed but refers to medium sized parrot species, including Macaws, Cockatiels and Budgerigars.

Specifics related to their care are generally the same as with keeping other bird varieties, but they do have their own particulars as pets.

Getting one isn’t exactly an assurance that you’d have a bird who’d inform local police officers of information such as home addresses and/or contact information, but what can be assured is you’ll have a bird who talks a lot.


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