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Valuable Great Dane Stolen


When talking about news of thefts and robberies, we often hear of muggers exhorting victims at gun or knifepoint, or quick on their hands and feet pickpockets pilfering wallets, jewelry items and mobile phones from unaware victims.

We don’t often get to hear of dogs stolen from their homes.
Last week, a Great Dane named Knight was stolen from his master’s home. Knight, a 175-pound Great Dane is a pedigree breed from Australia, valued to be at $27,000, as Naud Robinson, Knight’s master, had spent that amount in obtaining him.

Based in Scots Valley, California, Robinson went out on a short grocery run, only to come home to find Knight missing. Based on reports from KPIX-TV, Robinson reported the theft to local authorities on Tuesday.

Knight, as a pedigree Great Dane specimen, has a large four-foot build, and sports a black and white coat, award winning qualities often looked for in Great Danes.

Robinson is convinced that proponents of the theft – the dognappers, so to speak – were aware of Knight’s value. He also believes that the act was well planned, with proponents doing their homework, casing his home and conducted plans and assessed methods of entry in successfully swiping Knight from his enclosure.

Robinson took the initiative of having Knight microchipped, and it is hoped that this act would facilitate the capture of Knight’s dognappers.

As we all hope for Knight’s speedy return home and the capture of his dognappers, the story stands to be a reminder for pet owners – especially for owners of award winning pets – to be always vigilant over the safety and security of their wards.

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