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Macaw Parrots as Pets


Macaw Parrots are famed as the posterboy for parrots as pets, popular because of their colorful feathers and captivating playful natures. With almost 18 known species of macaws known to be, Macaw Parrots are the most dense in terms of parrot species types, generally known to be large sized birds which can live for 25 to 80 years.

Combining intelligence and beauty, they make great options for pet parrots, but their upkeep and maintenance does require degrees of dedication, along with considerations for certain inherent natures of macaws.
If you happen to be entertaining the thought of keeping one as a pet, here are some macaw parrot aspects you should know about, before investing in getting one into your home.

The Screeching Aspect

Critics generally agree that macaw parrots do look great, but in terms of the noise they generally produce, critics are conflicted over the general peace and quiet pet owners can expect from having them around.

Certain types of macaws are also known to be destructive and generally demanding, but these personality aspects of macaws can be curbed through a healthy regimen of pet upkeep and care.

Further research over these personality traits of a potential macaw pet parrot will have to be at the forefront of your priorities, matched to the situation you have at home.

In Terms of Feeding and Care

As high-in-energy birds, macaws require balanced healthy diets for them to be their parrot-y selves.

They are known to eat various types of food items, including insects, fruits, seeds and nuts. A number of formulated diets are known to exist for macaws, from the option which combines food products with solid nutritional bases, to sticking to a seed-only diet. Generally, feeding macaws with food items rich in phytonutrients is advised, since this boosts the immune system, preventing the rise of diseases and ailments.

Regular baths are a part of a macaw’s health and care regimen, a given requirement to ensure that their plumes and skin conditions are at their healthiest. Trimming their wings can be done if flight is to be a problem for macaw pet owners, but over-trimming isn’t advised, since this would debilitate a macaw’s natural capacity to move around.

Nails/claws also have to be trimmed, in ensuring that a macaw doesn’t get to accidentally scratch people, but not over-trimmed so as to leave them defenseless in cases when they come by other domestic pets (like cats).

Do well in getting to know a particular prospect if you are indeed entertaining the thought of keeping a macaw parrot as a pet.

As with getting any other type of pet, ensure that you are in the right capacity to provide a healthy environment for your parrot, giving it the chance to be physically fit and generally good natured as it lives on the natural course of its life.
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Macaw Parrots image
Macaw Parrots images
Macaw Parrots picture
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Macaw Parrots Wallpaper
Macaw Parrots Wallpaper
Macaw Parrots Wallpaper
Macaw Parrots Wallpaper
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