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Maru turns 5


As an internet celebrity, Maru is famous for his penchant for boxes, rising to fame because of his cute kitty antics and persistence in snuggling into any kind of box, regardless if a box in question is not big enough to accommodate his bulk.

A Scottish fold breed based in Japan, the cat who made a name for himself by being “the cat who never met a box he couldn't fit in” recently celebrated his 5th birthday with a new video entitled “I AM Maru 4”, which collects different clips of Maru doing his “boxy thing”, wearing anything that’d fit over his head, and generally everything else any content kitty would do, only done with Maru’s trademark Maru flair.
Maru turns 5
Considered by many as the “king of internet cats”, Maru’s rise to fame is one worthy of mention, with one of his featured YouTube videos garnering more than 13,700,000 views.

For an “internet cat”, that is a lot of video views.

Reports indicate that the total number of Maru video views have reached more that 158 million as of May 2012, with the Maru YouTube Channel ranking as the 7th most subscribed in Japan as of December 2011.

Maru’s popularity has gone beyond online posted videos, with the 2009 release of a book entitled “I am Maru” in Japan. A DVD entitled “Maru Desu” also came out in 2010, which was followed by the release of a second Maru book in 2011.

If you’re still reading, its time to stopped and saw for yourself just how adorable Maru is.
Maru turns 5

Maru turns 5

Maru turns 5


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