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Saved By K-Y Jelly


Axioms and adages endear through the ages because they certainly hold volumes of truth, in reference to the wisdom which brought them to being.

Take “curiosity killed the cat”, for example.

Though no “killed” or deaths did actually happen, news of a stray calico getting herself in a tight spot because of her curiosity recently came about, with reports from the Birmingham Mail (UK).

Saved By K-Y Jelly

The stray calico, as reports indicate, managed to effectively wedge her head in the wheel-hub of an automobile, which raised alarm and concern for passerby who saw the kitty’s tight situation.

A homeowner who noted the calico’s plight called the attention of authorities, doing what any concerned and responsible citizen would.  Officers of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals managed to free the kitten via unconventional means – using K-Y Jelly in “loosening” the kitty’s stuck head.

Hercharn Boal of the RSCPA shares that at first, he tried using margarine to facilitate the easy “slipping” of the kitten’s head. Since that didn’t work, the next plan would have been to take the car’s tire out, bring the wheel-and-kitten to a hospital, then surgically cut the metal parts of the wheel in freeing the kitten.

Someone luckily suggested using K-J Jelly in place of margarine, which did well in easily slipping out the stuck kitty. After a thorough look over at the Birmingham Animal Hospital, the kitten’s age was pegged at 10 weeks old, and was given a new name, Alloy.

Alloy is now waiting for adoption, and given her “curious history”, potential pet owners would have to pay extra attention to just how curious Alloy could get in the future.

Saved By K-Y Jelly
Saved By K-Y Jelly

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