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The Flemish Giant Rabbit


Known for its obviously apparent large size, the Flemish Giant Rabbit is among the most many types of domesticated rabbit pets for homes, opted for its… well, its large size.

With no actual maxim size on record, the average weight of this giant rabbit variety is averaged at 22 pounds, as its history and origin is also not defined and exact, only that Dutch Traders were reported to have brought their early-ancestor varieties around, during the 16th and 17th Centuries.
The American Rabbit Breed Association (ARBA) classifies seven known varieties of the Flemish Giant Rabbit, with white, steel gray, sandy, light gray, fawn, blue and black. In terms of classes, three doe classes and three buck classes fill the class categorization of Flemish Giants, with Junior, Intermediate and Senior bucks and does.

Flemish Giant Rabbits take their name after the giant rabbits of Flanders, and their loose origins link them with crossbreeding with Patagonian Rabbits. As mentioned above, Dutch Traders brought early ancestors of the Flemish Giant with them, that ancestor being the Patagonian, from routes to Europe to the Argentine Republic and back.

Juniors class Flemish Giants, as defined by the ARBA Standard of Perfection, ideally weigh 6 pounds, as senior class bucks average at 13 pounds, with senior class does at 14 pounds.

Weighing an average 22 pounds, Flemish Giants are quite huge, and their largeness can even be dubbed as unusual when compared to other rabbit types.

As pet rabbits, they are not known to have life-depended particular treatments over regular rabbits, but their food consumption is reported to be significantly larger, as their size would bring expectations to be.

If you’re on the lookout for a large rabbit breed to have as a pet, Flemish Giants may just be what you’ve been looking for.
Flemish Giant Rabbit Pictures
Flemish Giant Rabbit image
Flemish Giant Rabbit images
Flemish Giant Rabbit picture
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Flemish Giant Rabbit Wallpaper
Flemish Giant Rabbit Wallpaper
Flemish Giant Rabbit Wallpaper
Flemish Giant Rabbit Wallpaper
Flemish Giant Rabbit Wallpaper
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