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Cat gets in a tight situation, covering more than a mile


Cats, as curious as they are, are known to get themselves stuck in tight situations, from absentmindedly climbing up a tree without any workaround paths in getting down, to getting stuck in lockers, sneaking into them while they are open only to get accidentally locked in.

A New Zealand-based feline experienced a different kind of “tight spot” recently, one which covered more than half a mile – being stuck on the roof of a car in transit.

Julie Culbert, a school teacher, was running late and as with what most of us who are running late, was rushing on her way to work. Unaware that her furry buddy, Brown Cat, sneaked on the roof of her car earlier, Brown Cat was in for quite a ride!
Cat gets in a tight situation
While on the road, Culbert noted that a car which was following hers kept on honking, with lights flashing. Uncertain as to what exactly it was about, Culbert ignored the car at first, but upon realizing that something was really up (the car just kept on following her), stopped to find out what was going on.

“Do you know there's a cat on your roof?” said the car’s driver, who ran to Culbrt’s car when it stopped. The driver then reached over and picked up a terrified kitty, with eyes as wide as a tuna’s!

“I thought he was tooting at someone else, so I carried on and turned into Cleghorn Street. He was following me and was flashing his lights again, so I pulled over and saw him running to my car,” shared Culbert.

The moral of the story, ladies and gentlemen: you may want to include a “roof check” before driving your cars.

Cat gets in a tight situation

 Cat gets in a tight situation

Cat gets in a tight situation

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