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World’s Rarest Gorillas makes a Cameo


Reports based on a Discovery News feature tell of members of the rarest gorilla species making a rare cameo on video.

Captured via a camera trap positioned to view the Cross River, the short video runs for a few minutes, but its star celebrities’ activities proves to be a great wealth of information for researchers and zoologists.

The video pretty much shows a group of the endangered animals shot in candid real everyday life at the Kagwene Gorilla Sanctuary, with the camera rigged by the Wildlife Conservation Society of the same Gorilla Sanctuary.
In the video, one of the gorillas appears to be missing a limb, a hand, with experts relating the injury to have been poacher trap related. The video is considered rare, given how elusive these animals are, and clamor and attention over its recording has left a number of conservationists and researchers excited.

In these fast paced, highly advanced micro performance driven digital times, recording videos has been considered as a trivial act, achievable with the use of any available camera-equipped mobile phone.

Instant telecommunication and data transfer technologies have also gone beyond older wired standards, further decreasing the wow factor in capturing rare not everyday you see encounters.

The short video featuring the rare gorillas isn’t just a hallmark for researchers and gorilla experts, but stands as a reminder for all, reminding us that though society has trivialized a number of technologies, there are certain events which remain unique and special.

It reminds us that there are still wonders to discover out there, beyond the posts on Facebook walls, beyond the updates on Twitter accounts.

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