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Bruschi bags an eye-popping record


It may not have come as a big surprise for dog owner Victoria Reed, but Bruschi sure looked surprised when he heard about being awarded a world record.

The fact is, Bruschi had always looked surprised most of the time, but just recently, his being awarded for having the world’s largest canine eyes made him all the more wide-eyed thrilled.
Measuring 1.1 inches in diameter, Bruschi, a Boston Terrier, was recently awarded with a world record for having the biggest doggy eyes. Adopted as a pup from a shelter based in Arlington, Texas, Bruschi had spent four years with owner Victoria Reed, who had taken care of Bruschi since the day they met at the shelter.

After visiting a vet, Reed thought about what the vet had commented on about Bruschi, implying that Bruschi had the largest dog eyes in the world. As it turns out, the vet was spot on with his comment, a comment which became a record fact after Reed decided to submit Bruschi’s wide-eyed traits to Guinness.

As a breed, the Boston Terrier is one which hails from the United States, gaining entry into the American Kennel Club in 1893. In terms of breeding, their eyes aren’t really all that the subject of speculation and inquiry, but their coats are, particularly with coat markings and colors.

In fact, the standards of the American Kennel Club are quite strict with a Boston Terrier’s coat colors, requiring them to be either brindle, black or seal-hued. Physically, they are characterized as compact, with stout tails and erect short ears. Their eyes tend to be wide, but not always as wide as to grant them a world record status.

Teased for being wide-eyed most of his life, Bruschi can now proudly stare at the world’s population of dogs, a stare which says a lot about his record and standing among them.

Think your dog’s got bigger eyes to challenge Bruschi’s?



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