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Where some of the fattest cats and dogs in America are

Many may still question the truth of Colorado being the home of some of the trimmest and fittest residents in the United States, but for its resident population of cats and dogs, a different story takes center stage.

With reports based on the records compilation of Banfield Applied Research and Knowledge (BARK) and the 2012 Sate of Pet Health Report, Denver ranks as the highest in terms of overweight/obese pet numbers.

Included in the national-scope report are Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Boston.

Reports indicate an almost 1 is to 5 ratio between overweight pets nationwide, with 1 in 4 statistics in Denver and in Colorado. It somewhat differs from human statistics, with 1 in 3 humans, with an obvious trend indicating how much more overweight pets are as opposed to human populations.

In Colorado, 26 percent of cat populations and 24 percent of dog populations were categorized as overweight, with records based on 2011 statistics. Gathering information from the Banfield Pet Hospital chain, the records involved nearly 2 million dogs and 430,000 cats known to be regular patients of the venue.

As health and fitness have become “hot topics” of late, its scope and bounds isn’t jut limited to the health and wellness benefits variables in humans. Pets also have to eat right and exercise regularly, in an effort to afford the capacity to live happy, fun filled lives.

If your pet happens to be overweight, consider the services of professionals in brining his/her bio-stats into ideal, more pet-inclined figures.

After all, being responsible pet owners isn’t just about providing pets with food and shelter, but also defined in allowing them to life healthy, happy lives.

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