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Fire @ New Mexico Animal Hospital


More than a dozen animals perished in a fire last Monday, destroying the Tucamcari Animal Hospital, Tucumcari in New Mexico.

Based on reports from KOB-TV, the fire only left 5 surviving dogs, with the rest of hospital’s wards of rabbits, cats, birds and dogs fallen as victims of the disaster.
Animal Hospital
Dr. Jean Corey, Tucumcari Animal Hospital Director, was distraught over the incident, expressing that she didn’t only loose a hospital, but lost many of those whom she had come to consider as members of her family.

Reports regarding investigations pertaining to the fire suggest that it was the result of an act of arson. Investigators, based on their findings, are convinced that the fire started somewhere at the front area of the hospital building, then spread out to the rest of the area.

Rusty, an 11-year old dog and one of the five surviving dogs, managed to keep safe since he was enclosed in the back room of the hospital, away from the center of the blaze. Investigators are convinced that severe smoke inhalation caused the death of the pets inside the structure.

The Tucumcari Animal Hospital is the only animal hospital in the area, and with its recent devastation, resident pet owners in the area will have to be wary with the overall safety of their pets, given that the animal hospital isn’t in any position to handle patients or emergencies.

This situation is also at the forefront of Corey’s mind, concerned over the added risk pet owners will have to take in bringing their pets to the nearest animal hospital from the Tucumcari Animal Hospital.
fire at Animal Hospital

fire at Animal Hospital

fire at Animal Hospital

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