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Microchip reunites Great Dane and Master after Two Years

Ben Gautreaux, a Baton Rouge, La resident, and Bluebelle, a Great Dane, were separated from each other two years ago, only to be reunited once again through varied twists and turns.

Two years ago, Gautreaux was the proud owner of three Great Danes, who made a habit out of getting out of their master’s fenced backyard, only to be caught by authorities, in an effort to avoid potential accidents caused by their frolicking.
Microchip reunites Great Dane and Master
This cycle went on for some time, until it got to a point where, after capturing the three escaped dogs, authorities gave Gautreaux an ultimatum – to continue in keeping two of the three dogs, or have the trio put to sleep should they break out again.

As serendipity would have it, the trio did break out one more time, which left Gautreaux in picking up two of his loved Great Danes, tearfully leaving Bluebelle behind with authorities.

After some time, convinced that authorities had euthanized Bluebelle, Gautreaux learned that it wasn’t really the case, since Bluebelle was put up for adoption, to a family based in Louisiana.

The family, after moving to a new New York apartment had to give up Bluebelle since their new place didn’t allow pets. “Surrendering” Bluebelle to a local shelter, workers at the shelter noticed that Bluebelle had a microchip, a chip which Gautreaux had put in the Great Dane some years back.
Microchip reunites Great Dane and Master

Needless to say, the shelter’s workers immediately got ahold of Gautreaux after scanning the chip, which reunited both back together after being apart for two years, which ends the tale with “and they lived happily ever after”.
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