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Accidental Explosion over at Pet Sense


The YouTube Channel’s latest video series, Pet Sense, started with a bang, literally.

Positioned as an animal-oriented feature program, Pet Sense is a series which highlights a pet/animal communicator who tries to resolve the problems of pet owners and pets, dealing with different unique pet habits, traits and quirks.

 Pet Sense

Yogi, a Corgi, had a problem with household cleaning products, going nuts with them whenever they’re around. So, pet owner Hali Hudson figured he could do well with some help from Pet Sense, to which the program responded to the positive.

However, Yogi’s earnest penchant for cleaning products got the best of everyone while Hudson was showing Yogi’s “thing” on camera.

Seeing the cleaning products stored under Hudson’s kitchen sink, the Corgi charged into the “fray”, attacking whichever item his jaws could find. Unfortunately, one of those items included a can of spray paint!

Kitchen/household cleaning products + can of spray paint… nuff said.

Puncturing the can, an explosion followed, not only leaving the doggy covered in paint, but following it up with a minor fire. Thankfully, no one including Yogi was harmed after the incident, with the Corgi brought to the vet for further checks.

Comments over the video range from “idiotic” to “stupid”, with most expressing that Hudson should’ve taken steps in ensuring that such products would be difficult for the dog to reach. Hudson, well aware of how things are, has taken the necessary steps in keeping such dangerous household products from Yogi.

The incident was quite an eye-changer, but the Corgi is still adamant in his “thing” for cleaning products. It may not have resolved his “condition”, but hey, at least he’s a-okay.

 Pet Sense
 Pet Sense

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