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Abandoned Pet Snake found in Sewer Grate


When it comes to pet owners, owners with low attention spans are often frowned upon, prone to get a pet simply because it’s “cool to have” or “awesome”, without really understanding the responsibilities the come in keeping them.

The story of a five foot ball python discovered in Hillsborough, New Jersey, would be one example.

Police officers in the Hillsborough area were quick to act when a call came out, telling of a python found to be “hanging out” on a sewer grate.

Abandoned Pet Snake

Though ball pythons are part of the non-venomous species of snakes, the sight of a huge python on a sewer grate would surely raise some concerns over safety, along with questions pertaining to how it got there in the first place.

Detective Hank Olsyzk managed to carefully remove the reptile, given his experience in handling and dealing with snakes, and later surrendered the reptile to Animal Control Officers. To date, Police officers are convinced that the python was a victim of a pet owner’s earnest want to have a “cool” pet, only to give it up since he/she no longer wanted to have it.

As pets, ball pythons are popular as exotic pet options, and their care and upkeep isn’t really all that fickle compared to other exotic pets, though specific care and attention should be given to them.

The discovery tells of a moral story, one which speaks to those who only want something because it is cool to have, yet not committed in actually seeing things through as responsibilities come in.
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