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3 Tips for Keeping your in Top Shape


Keeping our pet dogs healthy is one of our top priorities. We treat our pets like a part of our family and we want them to live a long and happy life. Many dog owners would go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their pet dogs. Some even buy the best and most expensive necessities, accessories and toys just to keep their dogs cheerful. However, health and proper care is still the best thing we can give to our pets. There are many things to consider in making sure that our pet dogs are always healthy.
dog care
1.    Expert Vet Care

The best veterinary care covers the overall health of our pet dogs. We need to make sure that our vet is trustworthy. Dogs also need to be given regular checkup; a routine wellness test should be given to the dog twice a year. Moreover, senior dogs and puppies need more visits to the vet because of their age. Dogs that have special needs, such as the ones that have degenerative myelopathy, might need an on call vet in case of emergencies.

2.    Optimum Nutrition and Exercise

Picking out the right diet is one of the pillars of keeping a healthy. We can’t just feed them table scraps and bones. They need a balanced diet to stay in good physical shape. There are hundreds of brands of dog food that offers a special formula for certain types of dogs. Ask the vet which one is the best for your dog’s breed and age. Along with a balanced diet, dogs also need a good amount of exercise. Exercise is also a form of therapy for dogs that have joint diseases and degenerative myelopathy. Besides, taking your dog out for a walk will let you bond and build a stronger relationship.

3.    Dental Care and Grooming

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is one of the most forgotten tasks. Just as in humans, tartar and plaque can build up in dog teeth, leading to mouth and gum problems. Most find it difficult to brush their dog’s teeth since dogs move around a lot. A simple solution to this is to give the dog a dental treat that they can chew on that doubles as a way for them to clean their teeth remove oral odor.

Grooming is also important. Besides giving the dog regular baths to keep them clean, their fur also needs to be brushed. Depending on the breed, some dogs might also need to be taken to a grooming parlor to get their fur trimmed and have matted fur removed.
dog care

dog care

dog care

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