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The thing with China-made Doggy Treats


An MSNBC report warns dog owners of the dangers of China-made Jerky Treats for dogs, given that a number of complaints and food poisoning cases have been linked with them. Based on the report, nearly 1,000 dogs have already been badly affected by them, and caution should be exercised in their purchase and use as doggy treats.

These reports are taken from the combined accounts of pet owners and vets, and as they are piling up, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to push its investigations over the safety and quality of China-made doggy treats which has been ongoing for some time now.
Doggy Treats
The FDA is reported to have sent an investigation team to China this year, prompted when concerns over the quality of the product raised a lot of questions in November 2011. So far, no incriminating evidence has been discovered, given that the products are linked to be the causes of various doggy ailments, including a canine’s uncontrollable vomiting, unexplainable diarrhea, kidney failure and even death.

With no actual concrete findings, the FDA is left to issue warnings to dog owners and veterinarians, telling them to avoid the purchase of China-made Jerky Treats, such as those offered by the Canyon Creek Ranch and Waggin’ Train brands which are produced by Nestle Purina PetCare Co, and the Del Monte Corporation produced Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats.

With investigations currently ongoing, it is difficult to say if the abovementioned brands are actually not safe for dog consumption, but given the increasing number of cases related to them, staying clear from their use would be best for dogs and dog owners until more facts and details turn up.
Doggy Treats

Doggy Treats

Doggy Treats

Doggy Treats

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