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Sled dogs


Though reindeers are typically associated with sleds during the holidays, there aren’t all that may reindeers drawing sleds generally encountered nowadays, with more people more inclined to used motorized sleds as opposed to the use of animals.

However, sled dogs are still quite prevalent, mostly used for recreational purposes and not as a primary means for transport.
Sled dogs
The 1994 Walt Disney feature, Iron Will, stands as a representative to the still-ongoing popularity of sled dogs, with the movie telling the tale of how a young man took part in a cross country sled dog race.

Though the time and setting of the story can’t be described as the most modern of tenses, the film managed to look into the world of sledding, along with significant focus and emphasis on sled dogs.

The term sled dogs doesn’t exactly denote a certain dog breed, but it does refer to a working dog type, with the practice known to have been around since 2000 BC. One of the most popular dog breeds used as sled dogs would be the Greenland Dog, which is characterized by its dense coat and wide-padded paws.

The Alaskan Husky would be another popular sled dog breed, along with the Canadian Eskimo Dog. When talking about sled dogs, two traits are generally considered to be basic attribute, the first being a dog’s strength, the second, a dog’s endurance/stamina.

Since sled dogs are expected to draw sleds through snow or iced surfaces, their strength, matched with their robust endurance capacities are highly valued.

As with most working dogs, sled dogs are quite smart and intuitive as individual dogs, making them popular in different households taking the role of the household’s pet. With their generally cool temperaments and quick-to-adapt traits, they continue to be iconic fixtures in the world of sledding.
Sled dogs

Sled dogs

Sled dogs

Sled dogs
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