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The Furry Fire Alarm


Tom Clancy was once quoted to say “The difference between reality and fiction; fiction has to make sense.” Witty as the quote is, it says a lot about which inspires what, if it is reality which affects fiction, or if it is the other way around.

In the case of a family based in Plainfield, Illinois, reality stands well on its own, with the family’s story telling how much reality actually affects fiction.

Their story tells of how a “furry fire” alarm managed to save them.
Fire Alarm dog
Based on reports from WGN-TV, a household was spared from the disaster of a fire, which broke out while the entire family was asleep. With such a scenario standing as the fear of any mother or father, Payton, the family’s dog, managed to save them by detecting the risk of the blaze, waking them up in an effort to ensure their safety.

Reports tell of how quick Payton was in alerting the youngest son of the family, when hints of the fire from the house’s basement came out. After waking up and getting a firm feel over what was going on, the lad was equally quick in calling the attention of everyone.

Joh Stratton, Fire Department Deputy Chief, was glad that no lives were put in harm’s way from the fire, which is estimated to have caused nearly $400,000 in damages. Stratton also noted that the fire was strong, caused by the billowing winds known to occur in the area.

Payton’s story of heroism may not be as dynamic as most tales would tell, but as realities stories would share, it speaks volumes about a dog’s loyalty to his master and family.
Fire Alarm dog
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