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A toothless kitty’s new moniker


If anything, naming new pets is one pet-owning aspect many pet owners look forward to, keen on giving a new pet a unique, catchy name.

From naming all-white cats something ironic and quirky like “Spot” or “Blackfoot” to dubbing all-black cats with a handle like “Whiteclaw” or “Silverfang”, most pet owners take the time in coming up with creative names, with some going to friends and family for unique name suggestions.

For Scott Cole, he got to turn to Reddit for name suggestions for his recently adopted kitty. Oh, and she (the kitty, not Cole) has a unique trait – she’s toothless.

toothless kitty

Cole went to the Pawmetto Lifeline animal shelter in Columbia, S.C., informing shelter workers that he wanted a unique feline to be a part of his life. The shelter then pointed out a unique toothless white-and-tan kitty, who happened to have some “difficulty” in keeping her tongue “in check” inside her mouth.

Posting a photo of the “sticking her tongue out” feline on Reddit, the post garnered over 1000 comments, where Cole then opted to cull for name suggestions.

The post initially came with a caption, stating: She can pull it back but only for short periods of time. Anytime she's running around, she pulls it back in, but as soon as she relaxes, it falls back out.

Many found the image and the toothless feline adorable, and expressed their sentiments and voiced name suggestions.

"The two names that have been suggested to me that I really like are Wrathbewwy and Teef," shares Cole.

Thinkeh youveth goth somethingth betterth to suggessth?

Dropeth youreth hereth:

toothless kitty
toothless kitty

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