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Reunited After Close to 2 Years


Heartwarming tales of lost family pets reunited with households are rare, and a recently told tale of its caliber comes in a rarer, more hard-to-encounter variation – a pet turtle reunited with her family after nearly 2 years being apart from them.

Katrina, the once-lost now-found turtle, was happy with the Cody’s who warmed up to her, naturally. Taking part in day-to-day home activities, Katrina would sleep with the kids, and spend time playing with the family in the backyard.
Reunited After Close to 2 Years
The Cody’s were so attached to Katrina, the family actually awarded her the distinction of being the family mascot of the family’s go-kart racing team.

Sadly, Katrina and the Cody’s were separated from each other one fateful day in 2010.

But all that changed when Hickory Parks worker Trish Passman found Katrina simply chilling out in a parking lot, some 19 months after Katrina and the Cody’s were separated.

Passman noticed a dog tag hanging on the back of the turtle’s shell, and after cleaning it up as best as she could, managed to read out the details written on the tag.

After calling the number and leaving a message, Eric Cody then informed the kids of this trip to Hickory, under the guise of picking something up for the family’s go-cart race team. Needless to say, that something was the team’s official mascot, whose reunion rates high as a heartwarming tale of lost pets once again found.

Now back with the Cody’s, its business as usual for Katrina minus one aspect – she’s no longer allowed to go out the backyard, unsupervised.
Reunited After Close to 2 Years

Reunited After Close to 2 Years

Reunited After Close to 2 Years
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