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Serbia’s Sanctuary for Stray Cats


Oftentimes, when one hears the word Serbia, one would think of tanks and guns, given the past conflicts which had been ongoing in the place over the years.

But far be it for news involving Serbia to be only about wars, there are actually other newsbits happening in the area.
Sanctuary for Stray Cats
Danica Mirkovic’s sanctuary for stray cats would be one.

After being part of the Felinologic Association Felix for years, Mirkovic and her fellows have actively taken care of stray cats scattered around Novi Sad, ensuring that they got to have ample food and water, along with medical veterinary needs.

But one day, Mirkovic found one stray so horribly injured she felt she could do more. It was then she decided to setup a shelter for stray cats.

"I found a kitten with his hind legs cut off on the street," shares Mirkovic.

"I knew then that I had to move out of town." she adds. Mirkovic and her fellows then moved to a small village in the Vojvodina region in 2010, with their cats with them.

Today, the Cat Shelter Felix has 90 cats, each neutered and spayed, with regular veterinary checkups and vaccines. Even though the cat shelter is crowded, Mirkovic’s resolve in being there for a strays remains the same.

Some of the shelter’s residents are rather old, but living in the shelter, they are given the chance to be happy felines, not hungry not at risk of the brutalities which can fall upon stray cats.

It takes a lot of resolve to do something like what Mirkovic had done, and as such, the story of her shelter and her rescued cats are certainly worthy of news value, heralding that anywhere in the world, there are people willing to do what they can for what they believe in.

Sanctuary for Stray Cats

Sanctuary for Stray Cats

Sanctuary for Stray Cats

Sanctuary for Stray Cats

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