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Monster Snakes Threaten Ecosystem and Humans in Florida

Most people know that Florida has a history of invasive reptile species. Until recently, researchers have noticed that monster snakes, that are larger and more aggressive than the Burmese python, are threatening the ecosystem and possibly humans in Florida. The potentially dangerous snake is known as the African Rock python. Florida scientists are calling the snakes “one of their worst nightmares.”
The African rock python can grow to 20 feet long and have extremely aggressive temperaments. It is actually quite common to see freshly hatched rock pythons striking at any intruder that comes near them. These snakes are normally found in African savannahs, grasslands and rocky outcrops. They love to hide out in driftwood piles, old termite mounds and abandoned aardvark dens. The African rock python normally loves to eat small to medium-sized antelopes, hares, monkeys, rodents, monitor lizards, crocodiles and an occasional fish. A female can lay up to 20 to 60 eggs, with extremely large females that are capable of laying up to 100; females than stay with their eggs to protect them from predators and to incubate them for two to three months.  During this time, she will neither feed nor drink water.

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