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On Pets As Presents – On Lifespans and Such

When talking about pets as presents, gift givers generally tend to make the mistake of ignoring the level of commitment one has to immerse himself/herself in in their overall care, apart from other important considerations that should be given their due focus and emphasis.

The lifespan of a particular animal is one often ignored “pet as a gift” consideration.

On pet lifespans and such

Many think that taking care of a new kitten is easy, as something that involves a dish and water tray, regular feeding and regular litterbox cleanups.

What’s often forgotten about is the fact that cats can live for up to 15 to 20 years (depending on a cat’s constitution, daily diet, etc), which means that regularly feeding and taking care of a cat as a pet is a long term commitment.

In the case of dogs, canines are known to generally live from 8 to 10 years, with toy dog or small dog breeds known to live up to 15 plus years. Considering the fact that dogs require more exercise and healthy interaction between them and their masters, the degree of commitment in taking care of dogs can be described as more demanding.

If you’re thinking about giving a friend or loved one a pet this Christmas, don’t fail to consider the general lifespan of the type of pet you’ll be giving. Assessing a gift recipient’s capacity to take care of a pet is one thing, but to take care of a cat or dog through years is altogether another matter.
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