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The Top Doggy Accessories of the Season – The Whistle

With the holiday shopping season now on full swing, pet owners from different walks of life are no longer strangers to the myriad of pet accessories, toys and goodies made available in department store and pet-specialty venues.

To those who seem to be lost in the range of doggy accessories this holiday season, here’s a quick look at the top items available in the market today.

Not to be mistaken for a basic, old school whistle, THE Whistle is actually a small tech-specific doggy accessory, designed to be ready to fit around a dog’s collar.

As a device, the device is designed to allow dog owners a means of tracking their dogs’ whereabouts, developed with a built in GPS transceiver that can be rigged to work with on-hand internet capable devices like smartphones and tablets.

Easy to use, easy to configure and easy to maintain, the device is roughly the size of your average USB flash drive (USB stick, thumb drive, portable USB drive, ETC), and can be readily rigged to fit with different types of dog collars.

Software-wise, the device can be used to effectively keep tabs on a dog’s day to day activities, from monitoring his or her sleeping habits, nap time durations/locations, playtime durations/location and more.

The software-end of the Whistle can even be used as a dog habit/location tracker, extending its functional upsides beyond that of the average GPS-enabled tracking device for pets, but also as a means for dog owners to better understand their pets’ habits, quirks and particulars.
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