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On Pets As Presents – On Pet Personalities

Like human beings, pets are liable to develop their own personalities, a trait that is generally driven by the disposition of genetics, along with the involvement of how they are reared around the company of people.

In cases when pets are being given as Christmas gifts, inconsiderate gift givers are liable to neglect this fact, oftentimes opting to give a pet as a gift simply because it is “cool” or “trendy” or “popular”.

Understanding the personality type of a given animal should be given some consideration before anything else.

On Pet Personalities

After the success of Disney’s live action version of the 101 Dalmatian’s franchise, Dalmatian dogs were popularly picked out from shelters, a “trend” which was attributed to the movie franchise’s popularity at the time.

However, as popular as Dalmatians were after the success of the film franchise, many came to learn that there’s a certain temperament to real life Dalmatians as dogs, one that goes beyond what was “featured” in the films.

Long story short, if you are thinking of giving someone a certain type of pet that is “cool” or “trendy”, take the time to actually look into the actual personality type of the pet, before going out of your way in getting one as a gift.

All animals have particulars and quirks, with some requiring specific care and attention. Looking into these details helps give you an idea about the challenges pet owners are liable to encounter with them, and should be a major consideration when talking about gifting pets this Christmas.
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