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On Pets As Presents – On Pet-Person Compatibility

Apart from considering a given pet’s lifespan, veterinary care requirements and general personalities, many fail to think about how compatible pets can be with people when talking about the act of gifting pets during the holidays.

Considering that pet owners would be spending a lot of time with their pets, this consideration should not be ignored, as a means of avoiding potential problems in the future.

On Pet-Person Compatibility

When talking about pet-person compatibility, the markers that define “cat people” from “dog people” helps illustrate this point.

In the case of cats, “cat people” are aware about how “low maintenance” cats are, only requiring them to feed them at least twice a day and allow them access to different places in the house.

As opposed to dogs, “dog people” know that they have to immerse themselves in spending a lot of time with their canines, from going on exercise routines with their dogs, to taking the time in actively taking part in play

As such, giving a dog to a “cat person” is just not a good idea, since “cat people” are not likely keen on the idea of them having to devote time in walking their dogs – especially when busy people are being talked about.

Before opting for a type of pet to gift this Christmas, think about just how compatible it is with your intended gift recipient.

While the idea of giving a puppy or a kitten may seem cute, it isn’t always a perfect match, considering the different personalities and compatibility factors between human beings and animals.
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