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Low Maintenance Pets: Rabbits

As low maintenance pets, rabbits are generally viewed as a cross between cats and dogs, in the sense that though they are self-sufficient like cats, they still do require certain interactions from their owners just like dogs.

Requiring a lot of physical exercise, would-be owners could either source ample spaced indoor rabbit enclosures that afford rabbits with lots of room for exercise routines, or opt for getting leashes or body harnesses that are specially designed to accommodate a rabbit’s mobility when they are outdoors. Some rabbits can be trained to be adept in moving around with body leashes or harnesses worn on them.

Just like guinea pigs and hamsters, rabbits aren’t exactly peckish when talking about their dietary needs, with a wide variety of commercial food pellets for rabbits available in pet stores, matched with their preferred diets of healthy greens, fruits and vegetables – carrots included.

With more than 50 breeds known to be in the United States alone,
prospective pet owners can find rabbits that can weigh as much as 2 to 13 pounds, with lifespans that could range between five to ten years.

Like dogs, certain rabbit breeds can be trained to “come” when they are being called, with others even trainable to use their own litter box, giving them another “odd” pet attribute as a cross between a pet cat and a pet dog.

Singularly unique on their own, keeping a rabbit as a pet isn’t generally taxing for pet owners – save perhaps when talking about multiple rabbits living together in one household.

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