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Low Maintenance Pets – Hamsters

Like guinea pigs, hamsters also hold a reputation in the low maintenance pets scene, though they are not exactly considered as ideal for children, considering the fact that they are nocturnal – something which children are not.

As a low maintenance pet, hamsters aren’t all that difficult to feed, with different varieties of commercial food pellets available for sale in pet specialty venues, matched with their dietary requirements and needs sated by regular meals of fresh fruits and vegetables.

With lifespans that could range between two to three years, the enclosure or housing requirements of hamsters tend to be specialized for their physical attributes, but a general pet enclosure designed for animals of the hamster’s size is typically okay.

An exercise wheel is often considered by many as an “essential” item to have in a hamster’s enclosure, allowing him or her with the chance of getting his or her daily exercise routines and runs.

Contrary to most assumptions, a hamster tends to be okay when it is on its own, a hamster trait that isn’t like other pet varieties that require regular interactions with other pet fellows. A number of hamster owners even confess that hamsters, when kept in same sex enclosures, tend to be more aggressive.

One thing to be wary about hamsters though, in cases when opposite sex pairs are kept, is that they tend to breed fast, with the pregnancy cycles of hamsters known to only run for two weeks.

Other than their fast breeding tendencies, hamsters are simply ideal for those on the lookout for low maintenance pets.
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