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The Top Doggy Accessories of the Season – RC Toys

While it can be said that remote controlled toys for dogs are frivolous gadgets as pet toys, responsible pet owners are well aware of how nifty they are as a means of spending quality time with their furry best buddies.

This holiday season, RC toys for dogs are among the top items bought by dog owners from different walks of life, with the Go-Go Dog Pals line being the most popular.

Go-Go Dog Pals RC Toys for Dogs

 Available in a wide variety of critter designs, Go-Go Dog Pals RC toys for dogs are sure to lead to countless hours of fun – apart from healthy doggy exercise sessions, perfect for not just for single dog households, but also for homes with more than one dog.

Developed with long range sensors that works to the advantage of operators, the device boasts a maximum speed rate that borders at 20 miles per hour, making it a challenging RC toy for dogs to catch.

Though pricy – noted to retail at $299.99 – the RC toy effectively works as a doggy toy, one that gives new meaning to the concept of interactive play. With an easy to use and easy to understand remote controller, dog owners are not liable to find themselves fumbling over how to control the Go-Go Dog Pals to go forward or backward, just as dogs are not bound to see them as “predictable” in terms of their motion and movement.

Those in search for a trustworthy RC toy for dogs should consider looking into Go-Go Dog Pal’s RC toys for dogs lineup.
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