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The Rat-cha Dog Breed


The Rat-cha dog breed’s name may be one that isn’t as popular as German Shepherds, Dobermans, or Boxers, but they are actually quite commonly found in dog shows and dog competitions, given their “designer mixed breed” status.

Essentially a crossbred Rat Terrier and Chihuahua, a rat-cha or cha-cha played a central role in the 2011 Disney Original movie entitled Hounded, with the movie telling the story of how a “kidnapped” show dog turned out to be quite complicated to handle for its well-intentioned “kidnappers”.
Rat-cha Dog Breed
Ending the movie with a positive tone, the movie mirrored how fickle keeping mixed breed show dogs can be, with their temperaments known to be unpredictable from one another. Though this doesn’t mean that they are impossible to keep as pets, most cha chas tend to require a lot of attention when talking about keeping them in households.

Typically found in white with than colored coats, cha chas are known to be medium sized dogs, with medium length tails and medium sized ears, mostly appearing as toy dogs. But though their size defines them as toy dogs, their physical characteristics define them as scaled-down athletic dogs, which is basically the physical attributes which has made them attractive in competitions and shows.

Small as they are, cha chas are known to be quite energetic, and are also known for their intelligence. Though their size would make them ideal for children’s company, having them around with children is not generally advised, along with keeping them in the company of other non-dog pets like cats.

But as dogs, cha chas can be quite affectionate, making them a unique dog breed choice for owners who can deal with their particular quirks and needs.
Rat-cha Dog Breed

Rat-cha Dog Breed

Rat-cha Dog Breed

Rat-cha Dog Breed
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