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Safe Halloween Costumes for Your Dearly Loved Pets


Halloween is just around the corner. Maybe you have already picked for yourself the perfect costume, but how about for your pet? It will be way, totally cool for your cat to have a Tigger Costume and maybe a Kinkajou to have a Winnie the Pooh ensemble. How about a Wonder Woman Chihuahua or a Miss Piggy Tea-cup pig?

Yes, it’s just so fun just thinking about it and imagining how these cute, cuddly pets will look like as they don these colorful and unique Halloween costumes, but does your pet think and feel the same way, too?
Safe Halloween Costumes for Pets
Well, this is not to discourage you or something but pets, regardless of breed, do feel awkward and uncool when dressed. Although some pets like dogs and cats that join contests and shows are becoming used to the glamour and style, truth is, if they just have their own way, they’d wriggle and roll through it, just to sneak out of it!

1. First choose a costume that does not require any slipping over the head of your pet. This may sound not too possible but if you can find costumes that can just be easily wrapped around the body, the better. If it has to be slipped into the head and you do not have a choice, make sure the neck of the costume is big enough to slip the pet’s head easily and comfortably. Turtleneck sweaters are a NO-NO, please!
2. Second the costume has to be generally loose and should not be too tight. Constriction can be too harsh for them and you’d be left with no pet to bring for the Halloween revelry.
3. Third the seeing, hearing senses should not be obstructed most especially its breathing. The costume should not include goggles, ear muffs and masks.
4. Fourth make sure that the costume parts have no small and tiny pieces that can choke your pet like beads, sequins, strings, attachments, pins, ribbons and other paraphernalia.

Dressing up your pet up for Halloween can be very simple but fun! Settle on the safer and more comfortable costumes to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort. Happy Halloween!!
Safe Halloween Costumes for Pets

Safe Halloween Costumes for Pets

Safe Halloween Costumes for Pets

Safe Halloween Costumes for Pets
 Safe Halloween Costumes for Pets Video
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