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Rockhopper Penguins


The subject of rockhopper penguins, in relation to the general rockhopper penguin classification, remains to be one that is argued among experts, but this didn’t stop the 2007 CGI-animated feature entitled Surf’s Up in featuring a rockhopper penguin as its main character.

Telling the story of how young Cody Maverick, a rockhopper penguin, managed to be the top surfer in Surf’s Up, the animated feature took on a “mockumentary” approach in delivering its story.
Rockhopper Penguin
Combining elements of humor, drama, adventure and romance, the family-oriented film delved into the world of penguins, particularly on the challenges they are faced to deal with in their respective circles or penguin groups, with the added zing of the general surfing culture.

Classified into three major types, rockhopper penguins are defined by their capacity to jump over boulders or cracks, thus giving them the rockhopper title. Argued to be a subspecies of three types, rockhopper penguin type variations includes the Western Rockhopper Penguin, the Eastern Rockhopper Penguin and the Southern Rockhopper Penguin.

As a species, rockhopper penguins aren’t the only penguin types known to be a capable of surfing, with different penguin types known to have been successfully trained on the rudiments of surfing. With modified surfboards, different shows and aquariums have had surfing penguins as feature attractions, with some penguins trained to actually do tricks while surfing.

As one of the few of the world’s flightless birds, penguins are more inclined to aquatic environments, typically found in cold climes, but certainly not limited to be found there only.

Popular among children’s stories, penguins remain to be one of the most easily recognizable birds in the planet, with different movies like Surf Up featuring penguins as key characters.
Rockhopper Penguins

Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper Penguins

Rockhopper Penguins
 Rockhopper Penguins Video
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