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Thai Ridgeback


As a dog breed, Thai Ridgebacks have only recently become popular, with the breed owing its current rise to fame to the release of the Thai movie, Ma-Mha.

Released in 2007, Ma-Mha is the first Thai live-action movie which featured animals as its main stars, telling the story of a group of stray dogs, and how they embarked on an adventure in search for a better life.

With its main protagonist being a Thai Ridgeback, the movie had brought significant attention to the breed, which is defined by its muscular, athletic build, along with a ridge of hair that runs along the dog breed’s back.

Thai Ridgeback

Categorized as a medium-sized dog, the Thai Ridgeback’s physical traits includes triangular upright ears, wedge shaped heads, and short but smooth coats. In terms of coat colors, Thai Ridgebacks are known to come in solid red, solid blue, solid fawn or solid black hues, with the breed known to not have undercoat layers.

Like any other dog breed, Thai Ridgeback’s are commonly kept as domestic pets, with their specific care and dietary requirements not all that different from other general dog breed requirements.

But unlike any other dog breed, Thai Ridgebacks are actually part of a class of older dog breeds, with the Thai Ridgeback being one of the three known breeds which sport hair ridges on their backs.

Argued to be an exotic breed, the Thai Ridgeback’s line of fur along its back certainly gives it an exotic flare, one which matches with its generally calm and playful nature as a medium-sized dog.

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback

Thai Ridgeback
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