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Emperor Penguin Facts


Emperor penguins were the stars of the Happy Feet series of movies, with Happy Feet 2 released last year.

Revisiting the world of Mumble and touching up on the inherent talents of Erik, Mumble’s son, the second Happy Feet movie bore the same entertainment quality of the first, making it a heartwarming story that is enjoyable for audiences of all ages.
Emperor Penguin Facts
Being the largest of 17 known penguin species, it really is no wonder why Happy Feet focused on Emperor Penguins, a penguin species that is known to stay in the Antarctic all year long. Given the fact that a lot of Antarctic creatures are known to move to warmer climes during winter season, the Emperor Penguin is the only species that stays, “roughing out” the winter frost and cold that comes upon them.

Highly sociable, Emperor Penguins are known to implement a unique tactic in staying warm, huddling together in a group. Though this may not sound much when one says it out loud, but the unique thing about Emperor Penguins is that they actually take turns in being in the middle or center of a huddle, with the practice saying something about their organizational skills as a species.

Also, unlike other birds, Emperor Penguins breed during winter, and unlike most father and mother setups in the animal kingdom, it is the mother penguin who leaves after an egg is hatched, leaving the responsibility of taking care of the young Emperor Penguin to the father.

Once the egg is hatched, the mother penguin then comes back, and does her share in helping rear baby penguins to full growth.

With the harsh cold of the Antarctic, Emperor Penguins are truly built for survival, with a unique hierarchy that works to their advantage. Majestic in their size and stance, the “Emperor” in their Emperor Penguin name is one that is truly apt, with all the given considerations and facts about the penguin species.
Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguins

Emperor Penguins
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