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Pomeranians are a popular type of Spitz, whose small physiques have made them the poster dog for toy dogs, a status which it arguably shares with the poodle.

Made more popular during the 17th Century when the royals and nobles of England kept Pomeranians as pets, Pomeranians are also referred to as “Dwarf Spitz”, as well as the more commonly encountered household term, “Pompom”.
In 2003, a comedy entitled Quigley was released, telling the story of how a despicable man was reincarnated as a Pomeranian, tasked to undo some of the damage he had done when he was alive. Starring Gary Busy, Curtis Armstrong and Oz Perkins, the movie didn’t exactly make a dent on blockbuster records, but it did give Pomeranians their due attention.

As toy dogs, Pomeranians are small, typically weighing somewhere around 1.9 to 3.5 kilograms, standing upright somewhere between 5 to 11 inches. With their physiques typically described as compact, Pomeranians, unlike other toy dogs, are quite sturdy and physically robust for dogs their size.

From all-white to two-color-toned Pomeranians, different coat patterns and variants are known to prevail in Pomeranians, and as with most toy dogs, they are known to live long with the average lifespan of a Pomeranian running for 12 to 15 years.

In 1888, Queen Victoria is revealed to have owned a Pomeranian, an ownership which effectively propelled the popularity of the dog type, particularly the brown-black Pomeranian variety.

With such a “celebrity endorser” owning a Pomeranian, the dog type has become quite a hit among toy dog circles, kennels/breeders and dog competitions.

Popularly kept in urban habitats in the United States, Pomeranians remain to be one of the top dog types in the United States, with different countries also having their take in the number of Pomeranians kept by households.



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