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Man’s Best Friend Proves Itself Again


Any pet at home can be considered man’s best friend but why is it that the dog is often times referred to as man’s best friend? Lassie and many dog heroes out there have shown how they can be relied upon whenever we need them. There are virtually many instances why the dog can always be trusted. You name countless dog heroes that have in one way or another saved people’s lives. Just recently, it has proven itself worthy of its name again.
Man's Best Friend
Ashapoo, a trusted canine never left the side of his owner’s two-year-old grandson, Peyton Myrick while the little boy was lost in the woods.

The boy was with his grandfather while taking a trip to Clover, South Carolina at their family land to search for a beautiful and fresh Christmas tree. Keeping up with a two-year old, energetic young toddler was a challenge. The moment his grandfather turned his back, Peyton was gone in minutes. Good thing, their trusted dog Ashapoo was also nowhere to be found.

The family was hoping to see the dog and Peyton together. By the time Peyton’s parents were looking for him they were hanging in to the thought that the adorable boy might just be with his faithful companion, a man’s best friend. In Yahoo News, said dad Rich Myrick to local station on WBTV "In the back of your mind, you know the dog is going to be with him."

It took them four hours and a half of searching and everyone was worried since it was getting dark and cold, the forest getting spooky at night. Mom Carmen Myrick noted to WCNC that she took in the hundreds of volunteers, ambulances, the media, and police cars. She says she remembers thinking, "This is not going to end good.”

After hours, rescuers saw a barn and went inside. They did not expect a dog approaching them. It was Ashapoo. It barked and ran away as the rescuers followed. They soon found Peyton sleeping on the ground and he was completely well.

In the same news, Dad Rich said, "I think he got scared and just lay down and took a nap, and Ashapoo stayed right with him." He added, "I guess he felt that was his job to protect him and be with him." And he also said, "I believe the dog was his guardian angel in fur."

The parents said that the dog was their hero. They plan to get him a well- earned steak, and they are also looking into a GPS tracker for Peyton.
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