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Puppy Care – Setting the Right Diet


One of the most frequently asked questions dog owners ask their veterinarians is what to feed to their puppies. Puppies, like human babies, required a more complex diet in order for them to grow well. They are still growing and need more than the usual combination and amount of nutrients to develop normally. Giving them the right diet will also help prevent them from developing any genetic illnesses such as degenerative myelopathy. Below are a few common food choices that dog owners give to their puppies and their pros and cons.
Puppy Care
Table Scraps

Many people give their puppy table scraps thinking that they are enough to give them the nutrients they need. It’s also a very cheap way to feet you pets—you basically cook for yourself and your dog.  However, table scraps are not enough for a growing puppy. Scraps still lack the nutrients they need to develop strong muscles and bones.  If you are planning to give your puppy table scraps, you will need to give it food supplements to make up for the lacking vitamins and minerals.


Meat is also another common thing that dog owners give to their pets. Some vets have also recommended giving dogs meat because of its high protein content. A down side when it comes to serving meat to puppies everyday is that the protein content of meat can be too much for their kidneys. Also, you have to prepare and cook the meat properly to prevent the puppy from getting food poisoning. It can also be a bit expensive over time if you go with an all-meat diet.

Dog Food

This is the best type of food to give to dogs, no matter how old they are. High quality dog food contains all the right nutrients, vitamins and minerals specifically formulated for growing puppies. There are even dog food brands that offer a specific blend for puppy size and breeds. Dog food becomes very cheap if you buy it in sacks of bulks and its available everywhere. However, care must be taken when switching dog food, since puppies have sensitive stomachs and may react negatively when introduced to a new brand. A good way to stop this is to integrate the new dog food slowly into their diet so that their system can get used to it.

Since puppies are still developing, it is a good idea to give them supplements to make sure they are getting enough nutrients. Another thing to be careful about is their diet. Puppies grow very fast, and you have to make sure you do not over feed them. Over weight dogs are more prone to illnesses like cardio vascular problems, degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia and bone disease.
Puppy Care

Puppy Care

Puppy Care

Puppy Care
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