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Great White Shark


If you ask moviegoers, especially the older crowd, what their scariest movie is to date, you’d probably get Jaws as an answer all the time. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie shocked millions of moviegoers, forever ingraining the images of man-eating sharks into our minds. It starts with showing how a small island community, whose chief income maker are its wonderful beaches, becomes shocked with news of a shark attack.
Great White Shark
Sheriff Martin Brody finds the victim’s remains and starts to contemplate on closing all the beaches and turn the area to a ‘no swimming’ zone. However, Mayor Larry Vaughn, together with many local businessmen, disagree with the idea. Sheriff Brody backs down, but then regrets it after a boy is killed by another shark attack. The boy’s mother places a bounty on the shark and the small island community then becomes swamped with fishermen and shark hunters. Quint, a fisherman from the island who has extensive experience in hunting down sharks, becomes interested and offers his services. Soon, Sheriff Brody and Quint, with the help of Matt Hooper, a marine biologist set off to capture and kill the shark.

The shark featured in the movie is a great white shark, which has made a name for itself as one of the largest shark species. Found in many of the world’s oceans, the largest great white shark ever recorded was 20 feet in length and weighed 2,268 kilograms, however, there are claims of even bigger great whites swimming in the deep. These sharks reach their maturity at 15 years and can live over 30 years.

Although many people fear these massive apex predators, they are actually shy of humans. Some great whites do swim near boats, but only because they are used to humans feeding them.
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Great White Shark
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Great White Shark pictures
Great White Shark images
Great White Shark picture
Great White Shark Picture
Great White Shark image
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