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iPhone for pet owners. Easy and convenient


Pets become our faithful life companions and friends. The least thing we can do to pay for their loyaltyis to take care of them thoroughly. In order to feed, train and look after a pet one can appeal for assistance to the innovative technologies – the specialized iOS applications. I offer you to read my reviews of 3 most universal for any pet owner programs supporting Apple’s devices – iPhones/iPads – that can significantly assist to look after pets of any kind and age – making your life with a pet easy and convenient.

Pet First Aid: to treat any pet’s diseases

Price in the AppStore: $3.99
It is not a secret that pets can be hyperactive especially puppies and kittens and these little furry balls get into a trouble very often.  In some cases vet’s assistance is necessary and sometimes it is easy to render first aid on your own. In order to do this in a proper way you can use the best application in this category – Pet First Aid – that is positioned as an essential application for pet owners. This program contains a lot of articles and illustrations that describe step-by-step instructions how to help your pet with cuts, choking, poisoning, CPR and provides other vital medical facts that can save life for your pet.

You can also sore within this app’s journal all important information about vaccinations and veterinarian contacts, allergies and medications data and similar notes that can help you during veterinarian’s check-ups. I also use Pet First Aid to graph my cat’s weight.

iKibble: feed your pet with healthy food!
Price in the AppStore: $0.99

I’m sure it is a common scenario for all of you who have pets when a pet asks for human food, while you having a breakfast. However, every pet owner knows that it can be dangerous to give food products fro human to pets and that is when an application like smart iKibble can become handy. If you have just bought a puppy or a kitten and don’t know how to feed it to keep it healthy and safe this application will certainly become your essential guide because it describes hundreds of food types you can give or on the contrary should avoid giving to your pet. All food categories are conveniently categorized according to health rating so you could easily navigate while looking for a certain food type. 

Find Pet Friendly Hotels: to travel with your pet without any problems!
Offered for free in the AppStore

Personally I find it very annoying that not all hotels and dining spots provide a supporting pet policy for their customers. Unfortunately, I can’t issue a decree letting you take pets whenever you want while traveling but at least I can recommend using the amazing service of the nifty iOS application – Find Pet Friendly Hotels - that is a mobile version of the well-known website with the same title. Despite its title this application provides data not just on the hotels where you can stay with your pet but also gives an access to listings of other pet friendly locations like restaurants, bars, parks, beaches and stores.
The navigation system of the app is flawless because at once you download this program from the AppStore you can browse and contact more than 10,000 pet friendly locations! You can search for pet friendly hotels using multiple filters like weight limits, located nearby hotels dog parks, etc.
Any other apps for pet owners?

I’m sure that there are many other applications you use to feed, train, look after and have fun while playing with your kitten, puppy, parrot, monkey, gold fish or any other pet. You are welcome to share your favorite iOS applications for pet owners with all of us and also do not forget to try and rate reviewd in this post programs – Pet Fist Aid, iKibble and Pet Travel.

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