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Killer Whale


A touching family movie that many audiences from all over the world have enjoyed watching is Free Willy, first released in 1993. The movie tells the story of a boy and his relationship with a killer whale. The movie starts out with fishermen separating a baby killer whale from its parents. The young calf is named Willy and is placed inside a large tank, becoming an attraction at a local marina. Meanwhile, Jesse, a young street kid, gets into trouble when he is caught vandalizing the marina’s wall. However, Jesse’s social worker helps him out and asks the marina’s owner if he can waive the charges if Jesse cleans up the mess he made.
Killer Whales
While there, Jesse becomes friends with Willy. They become very fond of each other and Jesse teaches Willy a few tricks, something Willy’s trainer has failed to achieve. The owner plans to show Willy off to an audience but Willy refuses to do his tricks. The owner becomes frustrated and decides to get rid of Willy. Jesse and his group of friends then create a plan to get Willy out of the marina and set him free.

Killer whales, also known as Orcas or blackfish, are very easy to identify with their black and white color. These whales have teeth and hunt other marine mammals like seals, sea lions, walruses and at times, even larger whales and sharks like the great white shark. However, some killer whales prefer to have a diet based on fish alone. They are considered an apex predator, which means that they lack natural predators. These big whales are usually found in different types of ocean conditions, from the freezing Antarctic and Arctic regions to warm tropical seas. They travel in groups called pods and are very protective of each other.
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Killer Whale
Killer Whale images
Killer Whales pictures
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Killer Whale picture
Killer Whale Picture
Killer Whale
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