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Training Your Dog Not To Bite

Dogs and their bites are a proverbial pair, often matched and associated with each other.

Often brought up within the lines of “you can keep it as a pet if you train it not to make a mess in the house and not to needlessly bite anyone” by parents (oftentimes talking to their children), there is no truth in saying that dogs will always bite if given the chance.

Training dogs not to bite is possible, but the difficulty involved is highly relative, dependent on the age and temperament of the dog in question.

If you happen to be giving your dogs the hoops around not biting, here are some areas worth exploring, effective areas which have professional dog trainers attest as proven and fool proof.

The Benefits of Reward-based Training

A rewards-based training system proves to be effective in instilling lessons in dogs, and opting for this system when training them not to bite is good.

To match this rewards-based system, understanding a dog’s aggression levels and the factors which build it up is also advisable, even considered as a first step in training dogs not to bite.

Socialization helps curb a dog’s aggressiveness, giving them the opportunity to be comfortable around the presence of other dogs and/or people. As early as possible, dogs should be trained with proper manners and etiquette, but in cases of older dogs, a more thorough and disciplined method can be opted.

The saying that old dogs can’t learn new tricks, though popular, isn’t actually correct since it is still very possible to train old dogs to do “new tricks”. It just requires more dedication and determination to successfully do so.

The rewards-based training system is identified by giving a dog a “reward” for every desired reaction or action.  It is one of the oldest and most basic training system used in dogs, and its application as a training system is quite effective.

Balancing a firm hand and a generous resolve helps properly train dogs into becoming model canines, pups which don’t bite on the spot at the slightest twitch.

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