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The Pet Fit Club – Pet World’s Biggest Loser Equivalent

Organized and run by the PDSA animal charity, the Pet Fit Club is made to help overweight pets shed some pounds to healthier, less risk weights and lifestyles.

Though not as “well followed” as NBC’s Biggest Loser, the Pet Fit Club puts overweight pets in a toe-to-toe competition in losing weight, with a winner to be declared after a set period of time.

This year’s Pet Fit Club highlights 18 pets, including 11 dogs, 5 cats and 2 rabbits, subjecting them to a 6 month diet course with a PDSA Pet Fit Club winner to be declared after six months.

Fifi, a Bradford-based cat, stands to be the most “rooted for” kitty, weighing 9.3 kilograms which practically puts the feline as 107% overweight. More than twice her supposed ideal weight, Fifi is known to swipe meals from other cats, and is even a master at “blackmailing” neighbors into occasionally feeding her.

Jack, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, weighs 20.5 kilograms, overweight at 105%, given that his ideal weight should be at 10 kilograms. Jack is so overweight that he could even barely walk, and he and Fifi stand as the top contenders in this year’s Pet Fit Club.

Bobby, one of the two rabbits, weighs 2.39 kilograms, roughly 49% overweight, with ideal rabbit weights at 1.6 kilograms. As it turns out, weight loss management in rabbits has to be closely monitored, since rapid weight decrease can call in other problems and concerns.

The competition is geared in announcing winners by September, with pet owners receiving year’s worth of pet food. A pet-friendly holiday is also awarded to the winner, valuing at £500.

PDSA estimates that there are roughly 3 million cats and 2.9 million dogs who are overweight in the UK. 90% of pet owners are identified to express worry and concern over their pets’ respective weights.

Think your pet has what it takes to join in next year’s Pet Fit Club?


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