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Ideal Pets for Children to Have

It’s really not that difficult to see the value in getting a pet for your child.

Getting a pet for your child promises to be the platform for a lot of life lessons to take place, from understanding the virtue of duty, to respecting the implications and weight of responsibility. Having pets at an early age also brings out the nurturing instinct in children, which helps in their development as caring and responsible persons.

Here are some of the most commonly encountered ideal pets for children, dubbed as such for their easy-interaction with kids.

Guinea Pigs – often mistaken with hamsters, guinea pigs are sociable pets which suit well with children. Their lifespans range between four to seven years, and they are not all that difficult or picky when it comes to feeding. Physically larger than hamsters, guinea pigs are considerably less fragile when handled, a plus side when it comes to kids handling them.

Fancy Mice – contrary to their sewer rat cousins, fancy mice are very sociable, with countless fancy mice owners telling and retelling tales of how these pets bond with masters easily. They live up to three years, and just like love birds, fancy mice are more at ease with the company of other fancy mice.

Goldfish – not all children have a thing for cuddly furballs. If your child happens to be one, goldfishes are great pet alternatives. They are very low maintenance, and the act of cleaning goldfish bowls instills the “housework builds character” saying into children. The goldfish lifespan is quite varied, but certain goldfish pets are known to live up to 25 years.

Hamsters – many pet stores recommend hamsters as pets for kids, even unofficially dubbing them as the “perfect pet for children”. Oddly enough though, there are certain hamster downsides which could pose to be a problem as pets for kids. One is that they are nocturnal. Another is the fact that they are small, with fragile body frames. But other than their sleeping habits and delicate handling, they are sociable creatures, easy to feed and easy to look after.

Pick the pet which you think is ideal for your child. Do well to remember that though the act of giving your children pets have upsides, getting the wrong type of pet for your child could lead to problems, thus the importance of getting the most compatible pet.

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